Gluten free Nutritional Supplements



If you have Celiac’s it is important that you make sure that you are taking gluten free nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Although, you usually look for gluten in food that you consume. If you have Celiac’s you will need to check the ingredients in your medicine, vitamins, and supplements. Checking for any cross contamination risks associated with the processing of the gluten free dietary supplements is also very important.

Other personal products also need to be checked. This might include toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, lotions, sunscreen, as well as any other products that you consume or put on your body.

Gluten Free Nutritional Supplements

If you have just discovered that you have Celiac as my husband does. You are probably already deficient in several vitamins or minerals. Some of these could be iron, zinc, folate, vitamin B12, and magnesium. Because of the damage to the small intestine and it being unable to absorb these properly by the body. Once you start eating a gluten free diet you will probably want to supplement with certain vitamins and minerals to make the recovery faster. However, you will want to make sure you are taking gluten free vitamins and minerals. Some active ingredients in these can contain gluten.

Once your small intestine is healed your body should be able to absorb nutrients properly again. Some people might continue taking gluten free nutritional supplements because they benefit from them.

Gluten free dietary supplements may still be needed due to the gluten free products today lacking in the amounts of fiber, iron, thiamine, folate, niacin and riboflavin contained in them. There are new gluten free products coming to the market all the time. If,they are not Certified Gluten Free than you need to check further.

So being on a gluten free diet today and maintaining proper nutrition can be very challenging.

Hidden Gluten

With manufactures processing more than one product in the same plant there is a greater risk of cross contamination. Many All soups are not Gluten Freetimes these manufactures use grain as fillers. There are several terms used in grain based fillers in supplement products here are some of them: Artificial flavors and colors, dextrin, food starch and glaze, Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, MSG, maltodextrin, wheat germ, textured plant protein and natural flavors. Hidden gluten is also found in products such as soups, soy sauce, salad dressing.

Cross Contamination

What is Cross contamination? This is when food with gluten come in contact with or close to food the is gluten free. When a restaurant fries gluten free products in the same oil as they fry products with gluten or the prep area is used for both gluten free and gluten preparations.

Going to a restaurant is your biggest risk of getting cross contaminated. With a recent study showing it happens as often as 41% of the time.

To make sure you are taking gluten free nutritional supplements and vitamins check them very carefully.  Even if they say gluten free you will need to know if they are processed where other products with gluten are processed.

It is always better to be safe.

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